Transgender Solidarity Statement

The Newcastle Anarchist Bookfair collective wants to be clear that our aim is for our event to be trans-inclusive and transphobia won't be tolerated. We ask that people be mindful when raising issues if they arise that it is unfair to put the responsibility for challenging transphobia or other forms of oppression on those it most affects.

We ask people to challenge oppression yourself with the comrades around you where appropriate, or approach the organisers via the welcome desk, and we will deal with any concerns as best we can. If you are new to discussions about trans-inclusive spaces or unsure about any of the ideas behind it please feel free to approach anyone at the welcome desk for more information. We see the struggles for trans peoples' rights and for women's rights as inter-connected and shared, and recognise that all women including trans women are oppressed by systems of patriarchy, sexism, and gendered violence.

Trans women should be included and accepted as women, trans men
should be included and accepted as men, and the existence of non-binary people should be accepted and acknowledged.

What do we mean by transphobia?

Behaviour that doesn't respect trans people is not welcome at our event. Please be mindful to ask people what gender/ pronouns they are, don't assume. Intrusive focus or speculation on trans people's bodies or appearance is not okay (these things should obviously be not okay to do about anyone's body or appearance). Misrepresenting being trans as a mere belief, as a threat, as something negative or as consisting of conforming to gender stereotypes is also not welcome here.

To offer any feedback on your experience of the bookfair as a trans-inclusive space, you can contact: