In the wonderful Cinema Space at the Star and Shadow Cinema sit in cushioned luxury and watch a film with a political slant.

From: 19:00 - 23:00 / Price: Free/Suggested Donation (£3.00/£5.00/£7.00)

Battle of Stockton


In 1933, as the alleys flowed people into the centre of the high street there was a tension in the air. Oswald Moseley’s Blackshirts marched across the Victoria Bridge from Thornaby and into the high street in order to hold a rally and recruit new members. They spoke of fascist ideals and assumed the people of Stockton would be easy pickings for their recruitment campaign, giving up hope for hate – they were wrong.

That fateful day in September 1933 is brought to life in this new film, produced by the Battle of Stockton Campaign and featuring artworks by a number of local Teesside artists. Narrated by actor Marlene Sidaway, this dramatic documentary explores the events of the day, the actions of local people and a sample of life in 1930s Stockton.


As ever the day does not end after the stalls and workshops have cleared. We will once again offer a line-up of great artists from the North-East and further afield.

From: 19:00 - 23:00 / Price: Free/Suggested Donation (£3.00/£5.00/£7.00)

21 Melville Street

DIY folk punk collective for the socially frustrated

Benny Rabble

Poetry/Spoken word artist

Fiona Liquid

Post Punk, Synth Pop and Electronica. Packaged in a Glam Drag aesthetic.

Almighty Uprisers

4 Piece Ska/Punk/Reggae